Shimul as a WordPress designer profile picture

Hello! This is Akhlakuzzaman Shimul, I'm a WordPress designer and developer.

I am proficient at designing WordPress websites, I have 5+ years of experience as a professional WordPress designer and developer. Always ready to develop client requirements into technical details in a very detail-oriented manner. I focus on quality in delivering more promising outcomes. I strive to make sure every client is delighted.

I always follow four specific steps when working on a WordPress project. That way, I can manage everything. At each of these steps, I talk to my client about different things about the project and make the project more enjoyable.

Step 01: Discussion

In the first step of the project, I ask my clients questions about the project and talk to my clients about what they want. I want to get a super clear idea of ​​what they want and need.

Step 02: Design

After I have a thorough understanding of my client’s needs and ideas. I started designing the website. But for big projects, I always start with wireframing. It is a process where I design in gray without using any elements like color, image, styling, etc. I then share this design with my client, after liking the visual design I go to the next step. Where I add more details and make it live.

Step 03: Development

Once the visual design is done and my client is happy with the final design, I start WordPress development. I continue to install WordPress and all the necessary resources needed for the project. I start building the website pages one by one and send the preview links to my client. It helps me get feedback on my work and my client can easily check the progress of his project.

Step 04: Finalize

After all pages are built inside WordPress I share a final preview link with my client. We monitor the website thoroughly and fix issues to make the website perfect. After this final check, I live the website and do the necessary optimization for Google Search Engine.

I am always available to help my clients with any problems they face. I can help with the following:

1. Blog development
2. WordPress Business website design and development
3. Ecommerce Website Development
4. Booking website
5. Portfolio website development for artists and designers
6. WordPress Website Repair
7. Website modification and customization
8. Website Maintenance and Security